The Thousand Swords

Travel to Pale Pass
Wolves... it's always wolves

You’ve received your first assignment; to travel to the Thousand Swords run wayfarers inn at Pale Pass.
The journey was hard, wet and uncomfortable; and you were attacked by wolves. Luckily you drove them off and saved both Quarry, the coach driver, and his horses, Buttercup and Thunder. Out of gratitude, he gave you Quarry’s Armour of Heroes.
When you arrived at the Pale Pass inn, you discover that Melhindrian’s company has taken ill and is unable to fulfill their orders to take over the defence of the Fiddler’s Pass.

Welcome Recruits
your hard work pays off

After weeks of training you have finally become a new recruit in the fabled Thousand Swords mercenary company. To even get this far you have shown dedication, perseverance, and skill that already marks you as being a cut above average, and only the gods know how high you will climb.

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